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> back to the future, it's bill clinton's night at the
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democratic convention. we have a pretty good idea of what 42 wants to do for 44 tonight. democrats in the hall went wild for the first lady, mayor castro and others -- a surprise. abortion, outside the hall, protesters took to the streets of charlotte in between rainstorms. >> this is the daily rundown. a lot to cover this hour, including president obama's first hour. and senators durbin and bennett. >> let's get to the first reads
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of the morning. day two will be a little bit of a split screen showdown, as former president bill clinton versus the nfl. when bill clinton places the nomination, don't underestimate the big dog, clinton has had to compete for the nation's attention before. don't forget the infamous 1997 state of the union address on a split screen with the o.j. simpson verdict. anyone who wants to rise to the occasion and compete against something, bill clinton will likely be -- also on the program, massachusetts senate candidate elizabeth warren, planned parenthood's cecile richards.
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one more point about bill clinton's speech, anybody who thinks that this is going to be anything other than a full-fledged endorsement of president obama's policies has spent too much time reading the "washington post." democrats top republicans on their first night because it was simply a better run tv show. did ann romney and chris christie -- as question said then, taken together it was discourse that -- miopportunity rising from humble backgrounds and the convention audience seem to be more i emotionally and more passionately dominated the hall, a stark contrast to night one at the rnc, thumb and simply structure.
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the first lady mixed the personal and the professional. it was a speech designed to address her husband's biggest vulnerability right now which is disillusioned democrats. >> change is hard, and change is slow and it never happens all at once. but eventually, we get there. >> with president's likability polls shrink over mitt romney, michelle tried to get democrats to fall in love again. >> i have seen firsthand that being president doesn't change who you are, no, it reveals who you are. when it comes to his character and his convictions and his heart, barack obama is still the same man i fell in love with all those years ago. >> her chief role, character witness. >> i hear the determination in his voice as he tells me, you won't believe what these folks are going through, michelle,
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it's not right. we have got to keep working to fix this we have got so much more to do. >> and while she never mentioned romney by name, a few lines about her husband seemed to directly contrast him with the republican nominee. >> i have seen how the issues that come across a president's desk are always the hard ones t problems where no amount of data or numbers will get you to the right answer. for barack, success isn't about how much money you make, it's about the difference you make in people's lives. >> and the speech cull minumina with the first lady showing rare public emotion. at the end of the day, my role is still parent in chief. >> here's the president and their daughters watching from the white house. she owned that room like nobody
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in tampa owned that room, maybe other than that ironically scott walker. last night was not just about bolstering the president but it was about hitting romney. and there was a lot of red meat again the hours of 6:00 and 10:00. take a look. >> where mitt romney was willing to turn his back on akron, dayton and toledo, ohio, the president said i've got your back. >> if mitt was santa claus, he would fire the reindeer and outsource the elves. >> mitt romney has talked about all the things he's fixed, i can tell you massachusetts was not one of them. >> even the video dedicated to the late senator ted kennedy. >> i am pro choice, my opponent is multiple choice. >> abortion and women's issues were a big topic last night.
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>> we believe that a woman considering an abortion should not be forced to have an ultrasound against her will. we believe that rape is rape. >> not since 1992 have democrats sent so much time touting the issue of reproductive rights on such a large stage. i caught up with pennsylvania senator bob casey and asked him what he thought. you're obviously a well known pro life democrat, are you comfortable with what you're hearing tonight? >> we have differences of opinion on that, but i think what people are focused on, not just tonight but throughout the campaign is the fundamental difference of what's good for
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the country. >> where you wonder of all this focus on this, does it hurt them with catholics, finally the job of appealing to the madss, san antonio mayor julio castro. >> my family's story isn't special, what special is the america that makes our story possible. my mother fought hard for civil rights so that instead of a mop, i could hold this microphone. >> don't underestimate the power of the message democrats wanted to send with this image, with castro's 3-year-old daughter watching him speak. he pitches supporters in a fundraising e-mail, together we can win this. all right, vice presidential nominee paul ryan is trying to force democrats into a defensive posture during their convention in ohio tuesday.
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he made a pre-emptive strike on the president's speech -- >> if you don't have a report to run only, then you paint your opponent as someone that people run from. friends, that is exactly what he is doing right now. >> maryland democratic congressman chris van holland is the democrats point man and now will play him in the debate preparations for vice president joe biden. he joins me now, congressman. let me ask you about paul ryan's charge there, the democrats have been running a pretty tough campaign on mitt romney, does he have a point. >> what we have been doing is contrasting what president obama would do for the country going forward.
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and his record for the last four iss years. >> mitt romney's talking about tax reform. he's got a tax reform plan that will -- giving people like mitt romney a tax break, so tax reform is an important part of this discussion, it would be very useful to find out how mitt romney was using what they themselves talk about tax havens to lower the taxes you have to pay. >> this entire are you better off debate. what do you say to part of that 23 million folks who are unemployed, under employed who don't feel as if things are any better because it's not any better for them. >> to those individuals i say
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the president recognizes more than anybody else that millions of americans continue to struggle. after all, when he came into office 800,000 americans were losing their jobs every month. we're digging ourselves out of that hole. you know that with had 23 months of positive job growth. so the question is, what's next? and why we would ever want to return to the same setup house is to create the investment to begin with. nobody really knows and that's what romney is proposing. >> why is it that this is sort of the worst recovery we have ever had after a recession. >> it's interesting you ask that, because paul ryan quotes a number of economists on the debt issue, those same economists have repeatedly pointed out that when you have a final collapse like we had during the great
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depression. we were losing 8% of our economy every month. that's a nose dive. so you have to stop that and it takes longer to reveal. see the great depression, it took a long time to dig ourselves out of the great depression. the president acted decisively. i think people would ask, what would romney have done. we have got to tackle the deficit and the debt and the issue is not whether we tackle the deficit and deb issue. what the president says we need to take a balanced approach, like the bill proposed by simpson bowles. they say we're not going to ask people like mitt romney to pay one more penny. but they whack everybody else harder. his plan, if you look at his
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plan, it follows a balanced approach. it makes some very tough cuts, but it also -- if you -- you're going to cut deeply into our kids education and you're going to ask middle income people so that mitt romney can pay less. this is the question, they didn't want to talk about what republicans would do, they just want to talk about the president. up next, chicagoland, thumbs of charlotte, we have got two of president obama's biggest illinois allies here. governor pat quinn. conventi c -- there's more on the schedule for today. but first we look at the schedules of president obama and
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well, there's very little chance that president obama's home state of illinois will turn red this year, but in a state where the unemployment rate is trending back upwards, is there a chance for republicans to make inroads? joining me right now are governor pat quinn's assistant.
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governor, we had this discussion yesterday morning, joe. why is your unemployment rate going up, other states surrounding you trending downwards, what's going on. >> all this year we have had a pretty -- our manufacturing is still very strong, we have got chrysler, ford, john deere, all these are manufacturing companies and they're doing quite well. they obviously might be affected by europe or asia, changes there, but overall in manufacturing we have created over 40 billion. >> you did a budget deal that raised some taxes. >> well the republicans helped put us in a $10 million deficit. and if somebody has to come along and tell the truth, if you have to balance the budget and pay for education, you have to have smart people so they can work these jobs in the 21st century. >> there's a little bit of a behind the scenes struggle about
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the platform in israel. i want to read to you, the key language basically in the democratic platform on jerusalem for 40 years, most of my lifetime. jerusalem is and will remain the capital of israel. it should remain an undivided city accessible to people of all faiths. now it changed to this. jerusalem is and will remain the capital -- te re -- most are upset with the removal of the -- >> president obama has put together the strongest coalition to fight the efforts of the iranians to develop a nuclear weapon. which was the number one issue in israel. remember when the president as a candidate said i will negotiate, i'll sit down with the iranians.
6:20 am
and they say you can't talk to them. he at least made the offer. >> but it didn't work. >> when he made the offer and iran pushed him aside, he was able to say to other countries, see, this is why you need to stand with us. chuck, i'm about to tell you that something even with your vast knowledge you may not know it. i have read the platform in two separate conventions, nobody noticed. >> nobody reeads the platform, o why do people do it? >> there should be platforms in shades of gray, then maybe people would read i, what you think? >> here's another one republicans very upset because god is not in the platform. you don't think it matters. >> i think any god matters, i
6:21 am
think barack obama -- in god we trust, that's our slow began for the united states of america. i think we ought to start the platform with this. >> isn't the platform useless? because you wanted to hang the platforms around their neck. >> we mentioned faith, 15 or 20 times in there, it was pretty clear, i was on a repeating network, i won't who it was, it was fox. but it showed that we're somehow godless democrats. you should have seen the array of speakers last night, people of faith who were speaking of faith and what it meant to their lives. republican lover this country and are god fearing, as democrats are god fearing and love their country. >> why will it be different in 2012? >> i think we have a new map and
6:22 am
we have better candidates, i think, and we have a great opportunity to elect six or seven democrats to the congress which are brand-new and we left si side -- have the issues that will help the president win in our state you can look at t the ---you will see mange line republicans who said this. the same reason -- this is not the republican party of abraham lincoln, even the party of, you pick it, ronald reagan. >> or john chaff fi. . >> tomorrow night you get the big stage. all right, europe is making wall street jittery again. plus abortions and women's
6:23 am
issues, a big topic last night. up next a guy who knows a thing or two about closing the gender gap. our trivia question, who was the first first lady to address a national convention. you can follow me at twitter and facebook. we'll be right back. there are projects.
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general politics, could it make or break the president's hopes of winging -- more women broke for democratic senate candidate mile bennett by an astounding 17 points. >> he believes that women are more than capable of making our own choices about our bodies and
6:27 am
our health care. that ease what my husband stands for. >> now women are beginning to get the services they deserve, including birth control. >> we believe that there is no room for politicians, especially those politicians who don't know how women's bodies work. >> colorado senator michael bennett joins me now. when i was listening last night i was looking for you because your talking to women about women's issues helped you- >> and the result was that we had the largest gender gap of any senate race in the country. women, even pro life women don't think the government should be making these decisions for them.
6:28 am
and we're going to see the same kind of result in this election. >> your strategy on how to win colorado? h. >> i think the number one issue in the country is the economy and jobs and getting people back to work. there's no question about that. but i have been in this job for 3 1/2 years and i have not had one town hall meeting where anybody's asked me a question about contraception or abortion except to stay why are they trying to pass this transportation bill that includes contraception, and why are they trying to pass a law about abortion with a bill that has nothing to do with abortion. >> you do well among women, is -- >> i think that's a big part of it. but i also think that the economic policies that the
6:29 am
republican ticket has espoused, the ryan plan in particular, is completely consistent with where colorado wants to go on the economy. if you show two slides, one showing the income gap in this country, which is the largest since 1928. you talk about the implications of what the ryan plan would be for americans all across the country and if you ask people, does this make any sense to you? they say it doesn't make any sense. >>. >> you think colorado independents, a lot of them, there are more independents than republicans and democrats. >> i've got three little girls nand my view, this is all about them. we have a lot to do to make sure that the next generation
6:30 am
doesn't -- i think people heard that last night. particularly in michelle obama's comments about the president as a father and a husband. time for a quick market rundown. cnbc's becky quick is here. so becky, is this going to drive the market upwards? >> it's giving us a little bit of a boost this morning, but right now those -- up 2.2% is better than people had been expecting and it's better than the initial read we got that was 1.6. but there are a few things -- we did hear from fedex, and the company actually said it's lowering it's guidance for the quarter because of a weak economy. fedex is usually a pretty good indicator of what you can expect with the rest of the companies and the rest of the economy. the big thing that has been the
6:31 am
focus today, is the ecb, the european central bank. they would be doing bond buying to try and prop up and make sure that those markets don't get driven in too far of a negative direction. those reports have not been confirmed and that's got people bouncing back and forth. but the big news is tomorrow when we actually hear of the european central bank. >> you and i are going to have a test off, i'll do a bunch of political acronyms and you do those central bank acronyms.
6:32 am
police here in charlotte are bracing for more fiery demonstrations today as a standoff with protesters escalated throughout the day and throughout the night. mark potter is the guy who was asked to be in the midst of it all. you didn't think you were going to have a busy day but it turned out to be busier than we thought. >> the first one yesterday occurred when some people camping out at a park left that
6:33 am
area, about 200 of thomem to tr to get to the convention site. they stared -- one person was arrested for crossing the police line and then eventually the police chief decided after talking to some of the protesters, just open up the line, let them walk further into the downtown area. and that's where the confrontation occurred. it was a confrontation between protesters and obama supporters. >> i'm not perfect, you're not perfect u he's not perfect. >> you're right. >> so why are you talking about something being perfect? >> i'm telling you -- >> i'm telling you that obama could make a choice. >> vote for obama, if you believe, vote for obama. >> so a lot of noise out there,
6:34 am
most of the protests have been small, the biggest one was on sunday when 800 people walked through the downtown area, it's all nonviolent, there's been a pretty good relationship between the police and the protesters. there's been a lot of police on the street, but no heavy handedness. there seems to be an effort with -- these protesters while getting a lot of attention are still quite aways away from the arena from where the delegates are, so there's a lot of noise and smoke, but they're able to keep them apart from each other. on the will be the first ti ti time -- >> if we ever get to the point where our parents don't see your
6:35 am
future in their present, michael d dukakis will never forget it. in closing -- >> [ cheers and applause ] >> clinton's 33-minute speech got jeered from the crowd and was lively panned at the time. some said it would end bill clinton's political career. then he went on johnny carson. little did anybody know that he would be accepting the democratic nomination and he's been a fixture at every democratic convention since. >> i begin tonight where it all began for me, i still believe in a place called hope. god bless you and god bless america. we do not need to build a bridge to the past.
6:36 am
we need to build a bridge to the future. and that is what i commit to you to do. the greatest champion of ordinary americans has always been al gore. my friends, i ask you to join me for the next 100 days in telling john perry's story, and promoting his ideas, for every person in this hall and people all across our land, say to him what he has always said to america, send me. the republicans said i was too young and too inexperienced to be commander in chief. it didn't work in 1992 because we were on the right side of history. and it will not work in 2008 because barack obama is on the right side of history. >> well, what can we expect
6:37 am
tonight? new hampshire senator jeanne shaheen, she's a long time ally of the work on the campaign. >> new hampshire loves bill clinton. >> new hampshire and bill clinton were stadium number one in the primary. there's always been this bond. what do you think bill clinton can do for barack obama that would -- would be sitting there going, boy, if somehow clinton wasn't speaking you would think, something's missing, what would be missinging? >> i think he will continue to make the contrast case teen the difference barack obama will make for the future of this country and what we would see from mitt romney and paul ryan and i think he will identify with middle america. that's what he does so well, he empathized with families who are struggling, with people who are trying to put their kids through college, people who are hoping to have a secure retirement, people who lost their jobs and
6:38 am
may be trying to find another job, and he can make the case for them about why barack obama is going to be so much better to continue to deal with our concerns. >> interestingly enough. mitt romney mentions bill clinton in a positive light on the campaign frail. here's an example. >> president obama tucked away his clinton doctrine in a large draw of bad ideas. maybe it was a personal beef with the clintons, but it probably runs much deeper than that. >> clearly they see in their own calling something about clinton that doesn't resonate with independents. do you think president obama can somehow latch on to the clinton legacy a little bit? >> i think he will continue to do that. i think he's done that for the last four years and i think he will continue in that vein. and independent voter ssz where this election is going to be
6:39 am
determined. i think bill clinton can make the case at who's going to be best for their future and point out that's barack obama. >> why is new hampshire so close when it hasn't -- the last couple of cycles, it looked like it was moving toward the democrats and all of a sudden a pull back. >> the fact that barack obama is still leading slightly in new hampshire, despite the fact that -- >> you believe he's ahead? >> i do. >> that mitt romney has a home there, that he was governor of massachusetts, our neighboring state, i think is a reflection of people's remembering what romney did in massachusetts. you know, when he was governor, massachusetts was 47th in job creation. so we need better than that in a president. >> thanks for being here, nice to see you. programming note for you, tonight on nbc nightly news with
6:40 am
brian williams, you'll see an interview with none other than bill clinton. next we have melissa harris perry, i was actually asked for this, somebody held up a sign on the floor last night and said what's the soup of the day, here it is from alabama, vegetable and barley. we'll be right back. allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today.
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you know, looking ahead, as we have been talking about, bill clinton set to take the podium in tonight's democratic convention. if you expect his speech to break from the party lines, folks, think again. look at this little montage we put together. >> his plan is to go back to the bush program. except on steroids. >> there is nothing new.
6:44 am
just what bill clinton has called the same ideas they have tried before, except on steroids. >> before president clinton, these guys are bush on steroids. >> let's bring in our panel msnbc political strategist michael steele, democratic strategies jamaal paris. and the "new york times" guru political important jeff saladine. jeff, i have to start with the fact that you and i both have heard this from the obama folks, you know, whenever we want to talk about this uncomfortable relationship perhaps between their rivals and the legacy rivals. >> no question and that's why
6:45 am
we're here. it doesn't matter if they're close friends, i mean watching the ads that president clinton has on the air here in north carolina and we have seen them again and again and again. that really makes the point and i think that's a smaller version of what we're going to hear tonight. >> what i'm struck by is that four years after he stood on that convention floor in denver, people weren't exactly sure what he was going to say. that is over essentially. there are some hard feelings and things, but i believe he wants the president to be re-elected because it's important for him as well. this is the probably last time we're going to hear him speech in this type of a venue. and as junkies, we can't wait. >> watching the ted kennedy tribute and i was thinking bill clinton is sort of the ted kennedy of these conventions, when it was always the moment everybody was waiting for, that
6:46 am
nostalgia. and bill clinton, he'll always have something interesting to say. >> there were moments both in the first lady's speech last night and i think we'll also see with president clinton as he talks about president obama. what makes him different is that he was president twice. part of the message is here bill clinton, but the other part of the message is, we don't have to run from our last president, our most recent president from our party is someone we will willingly put on the stage and allow him to talk about both his record and the president's record. that undermines the very fact that mitt romney is not have any presidents. >> i think president bush personally, but he's not figured
6:47 am
it us. >> no, he hasn't and it goes back to the big republicanism that kind of marked the bush era, they don't want to talk about the spending that occurred there and a lot of members voted for that spending that caused this, i love the "kumbaya" with bill clinton on the left. but keep in mind, they have pretty much vis rated the -- among the democratic party. i think you still have that internal beneath the surface kind of really. >> jamaal talked about you have made a career of working for democratic senators in the south in particular, last night's convention tonally, it was not something i would have imagined a max cleveland would have been comfortable hearing. >> they probably would not have given those speeches, but the tone of the politics has changed over the last few years and i do
6:48 am
think democrats have gone through a period where they want a more forceful president. but bill clinton does, he does it with a smile and they're talking how the decisions we make are not about our own individual lives, it's about how the country is going to go going forward. >> i saw a political party comfortable in its own skin, versus not within in the republican party that never was comfortable, they didn't know what they wanted to present, maybe that discomfort is with romney itself. but the democrats were comfortable being democrats last night. >> this is much more of a president obama event. at the rnc, governor romney was more like a last ditch guest.
6:49 am
he is the center of this party, so to me this is all built around him. i think that's the difference. there was not a lot -- i think there was excitement for mitt romney, but not in the same way that there is for president obama. but you're right about the 6:00 to 10:00 and the 10:00 to 11:00. >> i thought it was going away. >> this to me is part of the choice issue, this is part of the democratic party needing to frame this election not as a referendum, but as a choice. and particularly that line from mayor castro about my mom worked in civil rights so i could hold a microphone not a mop. that's exactly the point they're trying to make, that the next generation of people coming forward will have the opportunities to be leaders, not just workers, all the the workers as well.
6:50 am
>> coming bac we asked who was first lady to address a political convention. the answer is eleanor roosevelt, she spoke at the 1940 democratic convention in ohio. mrs. delivered her historic speech from just a single page of notes. that isn't surprising, is it? we'll be right back live from charlotte. ♪ ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance.
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let's bring back our panel. michael steele, superficially the -- how the day one of the convention here went versus day one in tampa? >> i think the energy level was very evident in the hall here. and i think there was still the
6:54 am
sort of uneasiness with the republican convention, coming off the storm and all of that. but i think the visual and effects here were much more powerful and popped a lot more coming out of the box. i think the republicans ended their convention strong. i think some of the visual effects with the faces and changes within the party were shown very well. but just jumping out of the box, i think the dems had more energy. >> the only off key thing feels as if they gotten and paul ryan is hitting on this this morning, are you purging god from the democratic party, what's been in front of the camera has been a different story. >> they don't tell you there's an entire paragraph in the platform about faith and importance of faith. we talk about the god question, democrats have a great reference for that. when you look at last night, i thought both with mayor castro and the first lady, they kind of started off a little bit slow but finished strong. one of the things we do when we
6:55 am
talk to candidates and people giving speeches, finish strong. doesn't matter if you screw something up in the beginning. in the end get it right and nail it and people will remember the end. i think both of them in the last halves of their speeches were just fantastic. >> it was interesting watching the two keynotes. one felt like it was on message for obama campaign. the other felt it was on message for chris christie. >> there's no doubt that president obama was the star of all of these speeches whereas mitt romney felt like a late comer at the end of that party. but i want to push on one thing around the religion or faith -- that's just to say that part of what you see here as democrats are making a choice election, they are pointing out that in the christian scripture there's two pieces of it, love your god first but then your neighbor as yourself. and it's that love your neighbor as yourself aspect of it that we're hearing from folks. the religious responsibility is to the community not just the individual. >> you grew up in nebraska and
6:56 am
spent time in iowa. this issue of god, we're going to see it in direct mail pieces, are we not? >> i think we are going to see it. what we are going to see more importantly, the person who introduced mrs. obama from ohio, this is on the front page of ohio newspapers not a small thing. >> shameless plugs. >> doing a telecommunications and electronics process. >> you'll finds out why my phone doesn't work. >> steele check it out. >> plug our new york times live video coverage, three hours a day. check it out online. >> and we end with my colleague. >> of course, saturday and sunday, 10:00 a.m. to noon on msnbc. >> that is it for this show. we have another packed show for you tomorrow live from charlotte. breaking news coming up at the top of the hour. there may be a venue change. we have just confirmed. bank of america stadium may not be where president obama
6:57 am
delivers his address. the weather is an issue. we'll see you in a few minutes. b b bye-bye. [ chuckles ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪ [ male announcer ] now you'll know when to stop. [ honk! ] the all-new nissan altima with easy fill tire alert. [ honk! ] it's our most innovative altima ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ stop! stop! stop! come back here! humans -- we are beautifully imperfect creatures living in an imperfect world. that's why liberty mutual insurance has your back with great ideas like our optional better car replacement. if your car is totaled,
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